Custom Lithium Packs for Robotic/AGVs

The rise of artificial intelligence and robotics is changing our lives in ways that few could previously imagine. No longer solely within the confines of automotive manufacturing, robots are now utilized in warehouses, hospitals, hotels, and homes. While there are few general-purpose robots, there is a seemingly limitless demand for specialized robots designed to perform specific tasks. We have extensive experience in customizing lithium battery packs for specialized robots.

Built to Last

Constructed with Frey's high-power output cell, it's extremely durable and long-lasting, with a cycle life of ≥3,000 times at 80% depth of discharge.

Flexible in Design

We can design and deliver unique dimensions.

Safe in Use

Robots powered by our battery pack can accomplish the tough jobs that humans can't. Such as fire fighter bots

Longer Run Time

With the capacity of 100% discharge on our lithium battery pack, robots can run a longer time than traditional batteries.

Our Recent Projects

51.2V100Ah (51.2kWh) Lithium Battery Pack for Robotic Firefighters
288V100Ah (28.8kWh) Lithium Battery Pack for Robotic Firefighters