Custom Lithium Packs for Airport GSE

It is always the same in every airport around the world everything is always moving! GSE vehicles require the most efficient performance. Benefits of a lithium battery include a continuous work cycle, no maintenance, fast charge, partial charge, and light vehicle weight.

Built to Last

Constructed with Frey's high-power output cell, it's extremely durable and long-lasting, with a cycle life of ≥3,000 times at 80% depth of discharge

Lower Operational Costs

No more water maintenance, no more battery room, no more ventilation, no more backup battery. You save your operational costs instantly.

Fast Charge

Quick opportunity charge means your staff can simply plug in the equipment during breaks, then get back to work. A two-hour charge gives you eight hours of operation.

Longer Run Time

A Frey Lithium Battery can be discharged at 100% DOD, and a two-hour charge gives you eight hours of operation.

Healthier Working Environment

Zero-emissions helps to create a healthier work environment and lessens the environmental footprint.

Our Recent Projects

80V500Ah (40kWh) Lithium Pack for Airport Tow Bar Tractors
320V200Ah (64kWh) Lithium Pack for Airport Tow Tractor