Vigorous, Durable

Explosion-Proof, Tough and Reliable

Meant for Heavy-duty Electric Vehicles and Machines

Why Industrial OEMs Trusted our Custom Lithium-ion Packs?

We have a decade of experience in making customized, high-capacity heavy-duty lithium power packs for electrified mining vehicles and material handling equipment. History showed that all of our packs that have served over 10,000 hours or 5 years, still have a remaining capacity of 80%. Check our case studies.

By using our in-house manufactured cells and in-house designed BMS system, our customers trust the reliability. We monitor the quality by beginning with cathode materials like no other lithium pack providers do. We are ISO 9001 certificated. Our cells passed the most stringent Mining Safety MA® test, and are all tested explosion-proof.

As of today, our technology is industry-leading in customizing any size lithium battery pack system to meet OEM manufacturers’ industrial motive power and traction power needs.

We serve all sizes of businesses, no matter whether you are a startup or industrial giant. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Why Frey can Build the Largest Lithium Pack?

The heart of a battery pack is the cell, and the key to the pack's useful life is largely determined by the consistency of the cells. Because of the high consistency of our in-house made high capacity prismatic cells/modules and in-house designed BMS, we broke the threshold and built probably the largest motive power lithium battery of 338KWH that consisted of 990 cells. It's serving proudly in the field today. The largest we can go so far is 600V700Ah.

Technologies & Benefits

Assembled with in-house made nanometer LiFePO4 cells

Continuous high-capacity power discharge without shutting down the system suddenly

Improved cycle life of up to 4,000 times at 80% depth of discharge

Explosion-proof, extremely safe

User-friendly display screen shows SOC, voltage, total stored energy, etc.

Warning and alarming system when battery has low SOC

Preventive Diagnostics and data collection through online APP

CAN and RS485 Interface

Custom designed BMSs and electric components systems for massive packs and small to medium packs

Automatic passive self-balancing in cells

Integrated pre-heating option

Military-level rugged case design

IP67 level design

Counterweight steel

Custom design

The Markets that We mainly Serve